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Conservation of environment is of paramount concern across the globe. As the volume and variety of man-made chemicals is augmenting each year, our environment is becoming more and more genetically toxic. These man-made chemicals accumulate in the food chain and eventually pass on to the next generation. These chemicals, if mutagenic, have the ability of producing alterations in genetic material leading to hereditary diseases, cancer and birth defects. The human populations dwelling in urban areas more directly exposed to these environmental mutagens are at an even greater risk. Cancer is a common endpoint of chemical mutagenic activity in somatic cells. Further, gene mutations in blood lymphocytes can seriously impair the immune function thus making the body more prone to infections.

The Environmental Mutagen Society of India (EMSI) was founded in 1975, primarily DNA to promote and encourage research, and disseminate information in broader areas of environmental mutagenesis, as relevant to human health and environmental safety. The Society is an affiliate of the International Association of Environmental Mutagen Societies (IAEMS). Understanding the mechanisms of mutagenesis and evaluating risk of genotoxic agents for producing diseases especially cancer, are the primary objectives of the society.

EMSI organizes an annual conference to keep the members abreast with the latest developments in biomedical sciences, particularly genetic toxicology. The Conference targets a wide audience of scientists in diverse interdisciplinary domains of biology, chemistry, pharmacy and medicine and those engaged in public health. It provides an apt platform for encouraging collaborative research and training at national and international levels. The Conference also includes an international symposium focusing on a specific theme every year.

During the 37th Annual Meeting, an International symposium on "Molecular Basis of Human Health in Response TO Mutagens AND Environmental Stress" is being organized at KIIT University, which will elaborate on the impact of environment and the man made mutagenic chemicals on the health of humans and in agricultural produce.

All forms of life from microbes to man and all science activities directly or indirectly related to mutagens and environment will be the focus of the 37th EMSI.